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NSP board re-elects officers and members

8/16/2017 - Changes to the NSP board of directors are effective Oct. 1.

Analysts discuss approaches to covering flour in 2017-18

8/16/2017 - Outstanding feature in wheat futures in the past several weeks has been a hasty retreat from contract and even multi-year highs posted in early July.

Survey: Americans will pay more for seafood that is sourced responsibly

8/16/2017 - Most respondents said where the seafood came from was important.

Viterra continues rail use on Eyre Peninsula

8/16/2017 - More than 725,000 tonnes of grain has been moved by rail on the Eyre Peninsula since Oct. 1.

E.U. works toward fair food supply chain

8/16/2017 - The European Commission invites farmers, citizens and other interested parties to share their views on food supply chain through until Nov. 17.